Setting up the home probably the single most fun part of owning property. The home is a reflection of those who live in it, and therefore it is constantly changing and evolving together with its owners. If you’re up for something new and exciting in your home, here are a few tips to spice it up:


Upcycling is not a new term to most of us, what with Pinterest and DIY blogs that are flooding the internet right now. You can reuse and repurpose your old stuff for different uses, decorate them, and never even spend anything! It’s such a creative outlet that you’ll enjoy.



A theme can be anything from a color scheme or a vibe you’re going for in your home. For example, you may go for a neutral theme and work around it by choosing white, grey and soft brown in your curtains, linens, and carpeting. This is a very calming color scheme and looks great on photos! However, if you have toddlers running around, it might not be a good idea! You can opt for an artsy-fartsy theme around the house, pairing mismatched chairs with a dining table, colorful mugs and glasses from different sets, quirky cutler and the like. This is a chance to get your creative juices out! The possibilities are endless.


The carpet is the great unifier of your home. It aids the flow of the spaces and rooms and makes them into a cohesive whole. Changing up the carpet can liven up the look for your home or totally give it a makeover. You may choose to replace the carpet with a different texture, pattern, or color.



Repainting walls and facades, or even retiling the roof can give your house a whole new soul. It breathes a different life into your home and can be just the thing you need to fall in love with it again!

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